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Secureacom Inc. is truly a security management team yet, in September 2007, Secureacom Inc. introduced its new marketing trade-name, Triton Security, as in new partnership and expansion.

Since then, Secureacom Inc. has grown into a leading security provider in Alberta. Having a number of employees in the Calgary campus; three quarters of whom are technical and client service professionals.

Triton Security (Secureacom Inc.) wants to offer a wide range of specialized alternatives within the security marketplace. Triton’s enthusiasm, dynamism and client consciousness will astound you!

Triton can provide a variety of services including:

  • Exclusive FREE Wireless Monitoring Network. “No Phone Lines Required”
  • Triton’s exclusive “POSEIDEN” radio back up system (No added monthly fees)
  • GEMINI Wireless Alarm System
  • Fully Featured Hard Wired Security Systems
  • Remote arming/disarming
  • Remote digital camera viewing and recording
  • Two way voice communication
  • Access control with an ability to regulate from a remote location
  • MEDIC-WATCH: Medical distress monitoring and reporting for patients who require the ability to remain in touch
  • FIRE KIT Monitoring (Wireless Monitoring) - FIRELINK

For more information on our products and services please visit our products sections and our services section on the website, or contact us for more information.

Triton Security,
A Secureacom Inc. Company, makes security a serious lifestyle but believe in having fun at the same time. This means, that Triton is always offering special promotions and incentive programs.

Choosing Wireless

Specializing on Dual Monitoring - No Telephone Lines are required when Triton Monitors your Home or Business.

To better improve your security needs Triton Security specializes in dual monitoring. This means with every security system installed Triton Security will provide emergency monitoring through telephone line and wireless long-range radio reporting.

Providing long-range radio included into Triton packages will ensure multiple communication in the event the telephone is disabled. Clients may also be monitored with out telephone lines. Call NOW for more details 403-444-1444.

For more information on wireless monitoring visit our Why Wireless? page.