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Home alarm systems really work

While crime in general appears to be in decline, there are still thousands of reports each year of breaking and entering in Calgary alone. In 2013, according to the Calgary Police Service’s annual report, there were 5621 cases of Breaking and Entering crimes. In 2016, in the first two quarters alone there were a total of 4272 Breaking and Entering offences, 50 more than at the same date in 2015.

If you’ve been wondering whether to invest in an alarm system, you should consider that a good home security system is more than just an alarm, and is not just about protecting your valuables; it’s being proactive about preventing crime, and providing your family with the peace of mind that only comes from feeling completely safe.

Crime deterrence

We imagine the role of a security system to be that of an alarm, blearing away in the night, waking us to the presence of burglars. However, the most important role of the alarm system is that of deterrence. For the most part, criminals looking to commit burglaries are no more interested in running into you than you are of running into them. In fact, most break-ins occur during the day, while the house is empty. An empty house makes for an inviting target, but most burglars will give a house equipped with a security system a wide berth. The possibility of an alarm going off or the thought of a security system putting in a warning to the local police service is often enough to stop would-be thieves in their tracks.

Peace of mind

It’s not just the idea of protecting your valuables-though obviously this is important as well. But the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and family is protected by a state-of-the-art security system cannot be overstated. Not only will the system help prevent a crime before it even happens, but the system can also play a role in protecting you from fires and dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning. You can also remain confident that your house is secure while you’re at work, or away on vacation, as many systems now allow you to check in on things remotely, via a computer or your phone.

Nip crime in the bud

What a good security system brings your household is more than just an alarm; it’s a full spectrum crime and incident-preventing device. You can sleep easy knowing that what’s most precious to you—your family, your valuables, your safety—is secure. Triton Security, the expert in alarm and security systems in Calgary, provides quality and reliable service and information about a wide range of home security devices. Trust us with your safety; we won’t let you down. For more information, give us a call, or visit our website.

Blog Entry #2


The importance of a good home security system

A good home security system is about more than just protecting your goods and valuables. It’s about offering peace of mind to everyone in your household, about you knowing they are safe, and being kept safe. And while the idea of having a security system installed may seem costly or a bit of a hassle, the truth is that nothing else will bring your home as complete a sense of protection as a good security system will. Here are a few good reasons why you might consider investing in a home security system.

* Protect your home from intruders. A good security system will not only warn you about intruders attempting to break in, but will often actually serve as a deterrent, prompting would-be thieves to give your home a pass. If they persist, security lights or an alarm will usually be more than enough to get them scampering.

* Protect your home from fires and gas leaks. Carbon monoxide is especially insidious, as it cannot be detected by human senses, but your security system can be outfitted to detect it. Your system can also notify the proper authorities immediately on your behalf, should the need arise.

* Protect your valuables. While some things may be replaceable, others are not. But whether an item is a family heirloom or a knick-knack bought at a thrift shop, these are your things, and they have value to you. Protect them from theft or vandalism.

* Save money on insurance. The cost of home insurance varies widely, based on several factors you may not control. However, installing a home security system will result in lower insurance costs, and provide you with an even broader sense of security.

* Keep an eye on your home from wherever you are. On the go? Whether you’re at your office, out with the kids, or lounging on a beach, feel secure knowing you can keep an eye on your home through most internet-enabled devices. You can make sure everything is fine, and some systems will even allow you to turn off that toaster oven you fear might have been left on.

* Reduce your energy bill. One of the often overlooked benefits of a home security system is that it can help you save money on your utilities bill. With the right system, you can monitor the temperature in your home, and change the thermostat’s settings as needed, even when you’re far from home.

Safe and sound

There is no price to put on peace of mind, especially when that peace of mind comes from knowing your family and your home are safe. Be proactive, and take preventive safety measure by giving Triton Security, the home security specialist in Calgary, a call. Or visit their website for more information on the variety of home security systems available to you.

Blog Entry #3



Most burglaries can be prevented by the use of good locks, a few tools and simple precautions. While no home can be made totally burglarproof, people need not live with undue fear. Everyone can take effective and practical steps to make their homes more secure. If the doors and windows of your home are locked and the doors are strong enough to resist a quick kick, the culprit will probably look for an easier target. Be Systematic - Look for the Obvious.

Begin with these steps:
Step 1: Start with your neighborhood. This is your first line of defense.

  • Burglars don't like watchful neighbors who are collectively interested in the security of their neighborhoods. Join or start a Block Watch program.
  • There is strength in numbers and a hundred sets of eyes will certainly see more than just one set.
Step 2: Look at your yard and neighborhood areas from the burglar’s point of view
  • Trim trees and bushes that could hide burglars.
  • Pay particular attention to trees growing near your house. Could a burglar climb a tree to get onto the roof, then enter through an unlocked upper story window?
  • Keep your yard maintained to give the house a lived-in appearance. Cut grass, rake leaves, remove dead branches and debris.
  • Install outside lights to brighten dark areas around doors or windows.
Step 3: Look at the outside of your house.
  • Make sure emergency personnel can easily see your address from the street, even at night. Then check your doors, windows and other outside openings.
Step 4: Simple steps will make your house appear lived in when you are away for extended periods.
  • Arrange to have your mail picked up and consider stopping newspapers at least one day before you leave to be certain your request was received.
  • Remember to have the grass cut, the leaves raked or the snow removed as necessary.
  • Use timers on a few lamps in rooms where the light will be noticed from outside the house.
  • Have a neighbor check both inside and outside the house every few days. Ask them to pick up items delivered while you are away.
  • If you have a clearly designated outside parking space (as is the case in many townhouse neighborhoods), ask a neighbor to park their car in your space sometimes.
Step 5: When at Home
  • When in your back yard lock your front door and vice versa.
  • Arm your alarm system
  • When in the home, it is a good idea to keep your doors locked.
  • Consider keeping your blinds/curtains closed at night because people can see in and you can't see out.
Step 6: Garage
  • Garages are a favorite target for burglars. Be sure windows are curtained so thieves can't look for items to steal or check to see if your car is there. The door between your house and attached garage should swing inward, be solid core and have a deadbolt lock.
  • Keep your garage locked, even when you are at home.
  • If the overhead garage door is roller and track operated, install a lock in the track to block the roller and disconnect your automatic garage door opener before you go on vacation.
  • Secure your other garage doors with deadbolts.
  • Install lights near your garage to keep the area lit. Also, leave your headlights on until you park in the garage. If possible, have a remote control garage door opener installed. This will allow you to stay in your locked car until you’re inside your locked garage. Be sure the overhead door closes completely after you drive into or out of your garage.
  • Do not enter the house in case the burglar is still there. Use a neighbor’s telephone to call the police by dialing 9-1-1. Watch your house until the police arrive.
  • Do not touch anything until the police have finished checking your house.
  • Give the police a list of serial numbers of missing items so they can return your property to you if it is found.

Unfortunately, break and enter (B&E) is a very common Major Crime. Given sufficient time and resources, a thief can gain entry to most homes. Most break-ins are crimes of “opportunity” and relatively unsophisticated in nature. Thieves will seek out the easiest opportunity or point of entry to gain access to a home. A burglar’s worst enemies are time, noise and light. It is important to recognize what could be an opportunity to a criminal and Take Action to “target harden” your home. This can discourage most burglars from attempting a break-in.

Blog Entry #4



How often do you think about the security of your home and its contents? Probably only when a break and enter occurs down the street, or a home invasion hits the news. Citizens need to be more pro-active about protecting themselves against thieves; starting with these common myths.

Specializing on Dual Monitoring - No Telephone Lines are required when Triton Monitors your Home or Business.

Common Myths

It’s not a problem in my neighborhood:
This is also the it can't happen to me mentality. “People have to recognize that break and enters happen in all neighborhoods for various different reasons” says Cpl. Kerry Mah of the Richmond RCMP B&E Section. “Everyone must take preventative measures to reduce their risk.”

I have nothing worth stealing
Sometimes known as if I put bars/alarm labels up, it tells the criminals I have something to steal. “Everybody has something they can lose,” says Mah.  “Bars and alarm labels simply say that you’re protecting your home. It is not just possessions you lose in a break-in, you also lose your peace of mind”.  Cpl. Mah has noted over the past years that not only are break and enters utilized for theft of property, but people must be aware there has been a number of incidents where there have been a number of crimes of violence towards people in the residence.

I have a metal-clad door, a good lock and insurance - that’s good enough:

“You need multiple layers of security,” states Mah, “even strong doors and deadbolts can be kicked in if the frames aren’t reinforced and the lock simply breaks through the door mouldings. Insurance can replace a stolen TV, but not the family heirloom or memento.” Again, in speaking with people Cpl. Mah has arrested over the years, he has learned that the suspects are generally deterred by extra security and would rather break into residences with minimal deterrents.

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