Security Features

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Security Features

Security Alarm System
Respectfully 80-85% a B&E Deterrent

Security Alarm Systems are intended to detect a burglary, but will not necessarily prevent one. A Security System is intended to give the homeowner the ‘Peace of Mind’ that a thief will ‘think twice’ before entering into a home. Either, when the homeowner is at home or, in most cases, is not. A system is only as good as its user and should be installed along with good physical security reinforcement such as deadbolt locks, adequate lighting, secure basement windows and strong exterior doors. READ MORE

Doors and Frames
Over 69% of Break-Ins

Exterior doors should be of solid core construction and installed at all exterior dwelling entrances and attached garage entrances. The solid core door should fit snugly into the properly constructed frame to provide adequate strength and security.
The frame should be reinforced by blocking or filling at lock height to provide extra strength to help deter the burglary method of “spreading”. Glass inserts to solid core doors and glass sidelight panels on one or both sides of the door should be considered when target hardening the entry. A burglar can smash and reach inside to cheat the locking mechanism. Reinforcing the frame area adjacent to the window area beside the door and replacing glass with more secure glass, plastic or shatter resistant plastic film adhered to the inside surface will help to increase the level of security. READ MORE


Locks are the first line of defense against intruders. No locking mechanism is burglar proof, but good locks can be an effective deterrent. Primary locks are referred to as key-in-knob locks or cylindrical locks. These locks provide minimum security and are popular, as they are low cost and simple to install. Auxiliary locks refer to secondary locking mechanisms that should be installed with the primary lock to provide more adequate security. READ MORE

Over 30% of Break-Ins

Windows are generally a weak link when it comes to residential security. They can be pried or broken with a tool, lifted from their tracks and the panes removed. There are numerous ways to increase the security to windows. READ MORE

Garages present a unique problem to residential security. They generally have inadequate locks that can easily be pried off. The overhead doors should be reinforced with ½” plywood sheeting if constructed of thin wood panels and fitted with either a sliding bolt lock system or pinned at the track for better security. The single pedestrian entryway door should be of solid core construction and reinforced the same as the entry to your home. If the garage is the attached style, special care should be taken to ensure that it is always secure. READ MORE