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carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that is a product of combustion in such common household appliances as gas ovens or furnaces. It is extremely toxic, quickly causing suffocation as carbon monoxide replaces oxygen in the bloodstream. Find out more information.

smoke & fire protection

A fire alarm company is one that sells fire notification and dispatch systems to home owners. Most often, these systems are sold by larger home security specialty companies that handle not just fire alarm systems, but also burglar alarm systems, medical emergency systems, and integrated home security systems. Find out more information.


Our Services

Triton Security is always striving to provide the best for their clients. Listed below are some of our services that we offer to our clients. Contact Triton Security for more information or to book your FREE security consultation.



Installing FireLink's smoke detectors into the home/small business will provide smoke and fire protection by transmitting emergency signals directly to the monitoring response centre for rapid response. Find out more about this great service.

Virtual Night Watchman

Virtual Night Watchman

There exists an opportunity in the new construction area for a stand-alone wireless security device to thwart would-be vandals who remove appliances, fixtures, materials and tools from new construction sites and homes under development. Find out more about this great service.

Medic Watch

Medic Watch

An additional service exclusive to Triton Security is our Medic-Watch personal alarm system that will alert emergency personnel, ambulance, family members or friends if you have a medical emergency. Click here to find out more.

Emergency Staff Discount

Emergency Staff Discount

TRITON SECURITY. would like to honor those men and women that protect our streets and watch out for our families on a daily basis. TRITON Security would like to do its part those men and women. Find out more about this great offer.