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Please note there is two (2) types of technical support…

1. General Tech Support (Regular Business Hours): Assisting with Any Tech Support Questions that can be handled on a Regular Business Day.

2. Emergency Tech Support (After Hours): Assisting Clients that Cannot Wait Till the Next Business Day After Regular Business Hours. – Please Note: emergency calls (in most cases) do not involve a trouble-light on the system, or adding codes, or changing the clock, etc. – Most of these questions/concerns can be addressed on the Client Help Sheets Provided. This information can always be retrieved on this website under the HELP CENTRE.


(24 Hours): 403.444.1444 Ext. 1

*Only contact the monitoring centre to call off a false alarm, test your alarm system, or to request technical assists (after regular business hours).


Triton Security Services is proud to offer a 24-hour Call Paging Centre that works with the monitoring centre in the event a client needs technical assistance, sales questions, etc.

The Call Centre operators will record the details of the call and page the next available Triton representative in the area of the call. Such as, Sales, Tech Support, Accounting, or General Inquires.


Existing clients that require new or additional Client Care Cards, which will include their personal client account, please Email Triton Security.


Refer a Friend or Family Member:

Each time a client refers a friend and that friend becomes a Triton client as well, the original client will receive 2 FREE MONTHS added to the end of the term. The Friend, will receive a special bonus as well.

Updates / Notification


Hours: 24 Hours/Everyday

Notify with Important Updates, such as:

  • Vacation Alerts
  • Keyholder Changes/Modifications
  • Personal Phone Number Updates
  • Call Procedure Changes
  • Premise Special Notes for Your Profile