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Professional Security Cameras in Calgary

Triton Security Services goes beyond standard security offerings, delivering tailored and innovative solutions that address unique customer needs, ensuring maximum protection and effectiveness.

The Team at Triton offers Calgary security cameras as one of the popular surveillance systems installed in both  commercial and residential properties.

They help monitor unauthorized entry and suspected activities happening around your property.

If you are looking for high definition security cameras in Calgary, count on Triton Security. We offer CCTV HD cameras to our customers for enhanced safety and security.

Whether you need video surveillance systems for your home or office, we have got you covered. Contact us today!

Benefits of Security Camera​

At Triton Security Services, safety and security are a primary concern for the team at Triton Security Services. 

When you are away from your home or office, it is always better to have security cameras installed at your property to prevent theft and vandalism. 

Security cameras do their work even in your absence. You can record and retain the evidence of any criminal offence and take strict action.

security camera installation:

  • Secure your property from unauthorized access
  • Monitor your assets and property 24/7
  • Fetch real-time videos of activities
  • Cost-effective compared to hiring security professionals
  • Detect illegal and criminal activities

    Triton Security Services - What we do


    Security Digital alarm systems

    An alarm system is only as good as the user and should be installed with security reinforcement to increase security.

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    Hd crystal CCTV Camera Systems

    Take action to make sure your property is protected. One proven way to deter theft and enhance safety is through CCTV cameras.

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    Digital Access Control Systems

    Whether you need access controlled to an outside gate, one interior room or all areas on your property, Triton Security can help.

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    Digital Quest GPS Tracking

    QUEST GPS is designed for Truck, Service Van, Big Rig Transport and Vehicle location in the event of theft with fast recovery.

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    Why Choose Triton Security Services?

    Triton Security Services is a locally owned and operated company serving the security needs of Calgary residents.

    We offer a wide range of security and emergency systems to make sure your property is secure. Our high-resolution security cameras allow you to track and follow suspicious movements. We stock cameras for both indoor and outdoor usage and also help you with installation. 

    You can consult our security experts to help you decide the camera installation location and understand how to operate it.


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