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GPS Tracking for Vehicles, Construction Equipment and Even Pets

GPS tracking for vehicles and equipment

You can use GPS to track your pets. Yes, your pets. GPS tracking has been around for a while now, and it has changed for the better. It’s come so far that you can now use it not only for vehicles but also for construction equipment and even pets. For the countless benefits of GPS tracking, keep reading.

What Is GPS Tracking?

You probably first heard of GPS in the context of GPS driving directions for vehicles. According to Verizon, GPS tracking is “the system of monitoring the location of an object…by attaching a GPS tracking device to it.”

Benefits of Using GPS

GPS tracking has various benefits, starting with safety.Safety comes first, and GPS tracking enables a whole new level of safety. In the event of an emergency involving a vehicle, you’ll be able to track down and send help to the driver of the vehicle affected.GPS tracking can also improve driver behavior by logging drivers’ braking history, phone usage, any speeding, etc. Also, constant tracking of the vehicle’s location can prevent theft. Even more, if the driver of a GPS-tracked vehicle gets in an accident, GPS tracking will have collected data about the location, date, and time of the accident.GPS tracking can reduce costs, including the cost of insurance and fuel. It lowers a driver’s Compliance, Safety, and Accountability score to lower insurance premiums.GPS tracking saves gas by enabling dispatchers to find the quickest routes. You’ll also be able to see which drivers are speeding to prevent fines and reduce fuel costs.

Benefits of Using GPS for Construction Equipment

GPS tracking works wonders when used on construction equipment, too.Just like with vehicles, GPS tracking for construction equipment keeps it safe. It prevents equipment from being lost or stolen by tracking its state of operation, location, and engine diagnostics.Construction equipment can sometimes be found in remote areas, where GPS tracking becomes even more important to promote safety and communication. 

Even More Benefits of GPS Tracking

The benefits of GPS tracking don’t stop there.With GPS tracking, companies can keep an accurate count of how many miles drivers have logged in any given territory. That can come in handy for tax purposes.You can use GPS tracking for payroll, too, to check drivers’ timesheets and see how long their breaks are.Generally speaking, GPS tracking makes a company’s operations more efficient. It lets managers know when a vehicle is due for maintenance. Moreover, it allows dispatchers to track a vehicle’s location to ensure that delivery times are met.Geofencing creates a virtual boundary so that bosses know when a company vehicle arrives and departs. GPS geofencing stops theft and stops the use of vehicles outside of work.When you use GPS tracking, your customers will receive accurate delivery times, making them happier and your business more successful.

The Power of GPS Tracking

As you can see, GPS tracking is unbelievably powerful in its numerous benefits. There really is no telling what it could do for your vehicles or construction equipment.Get in touch with Triton Security to fully leverage the power of GPS tracking.