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How often do you think about the security of your home and its contents? Probably only when a break and enter occurs down the street, or a home invasion hits the news. Citizens need to be more pro-active about protecting themselves against thieves; starting with these common myths.

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Common Myths

It’s not a problem in my neighborhood:

This is also the it can’t happen to me mentality. “People have to recognize that break and enters happen in all neighborhoods for various different reasons” says Cpl. Kerry Mah of the Richmond RCMP B&E Section. “Everyone must take preventative measures to reduce their risk.”

I have nothing worth stealing

Sometimes known as if I put bars/alarm labels up, it tells the criminals I have something to steal. “Everybody has something they can lose,” says Mah. “Bars and alarm labels simply say that you’re protecting your home. It is not just possessions you lose in a break-in, you also lose your peace of mind”. Cpl. Mah has noted over the past years that not only are break and enters utilized for theft of property, but people must be aware there has been a number of incidents where there have been a number of crimes of violence towards people in the residence.

I have a metal-clad door, a good lock and insurance – that’s good enough:

“You need multiple layers of security,” states Mah, “even strong doors and deadbolts can be kicked in if the frames aren’t reinforced and the lock simply breaks through the door mouldings. Insurance can replace a stolen TV, but not the family heirloom or memento.” Again, in speaking with people Cpl. Mah has arrested over the years, he has learned that the suspects are generally deterred by extra security and would rather break into residences with minimal deterrents.

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